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01 Oct


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1. Where is Ellis Island located (country - state...)?

Ellis Island is situated in New York Harbor (USA), more precisely in the Upper New York (New Jersey City); east of Liberty State Park and north of Liberty Island.


2. What famous monument can you see near Ellis Island?

The Statue of Liberty can be seen from Ellis Island.


3. Who landed on Ellis Island, from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century?

Immigrants, mainly from European countries (Italy - Ireland...) landed on Ellis Island.


4. Why did they leave their country?

Immigrants decided to leave their native country because of the war for example. Actually, at that time, many countries were in conflictual situations. Moreover, many people lived in terrible conditions, suffering from the famine and so they decided to flee / escape and to try to start a new and better life in the United States. Most of them believed in the possibility of  fulfilling the Amercian dream i.e having a good job and earning money easily.


5. How did they travel from their country to Ellis Island?

The first immigrants arrived in 1892 so at that time, they traveled by sailing boats. Then, with the industrial revolution, they traveled by steamboats and motor boats.


6. What can you imagine about their traveling conditions?

The traveling conditions were certianly harsh. Actually, the boats were overcrowded  and so it was incredibly noisy, especially when they were aboard motor boats. Furthermore, people on board suffered from hunger, thirst and diseases were hignly contagious.


7. Why did they land on Ellis Island first?

Immigrants were not allowed to enter the city of New York directly. First, they had to undergo a medical inspection (to check if they were healthy). If they were ill, a symbol was chalked  on their clothing. Those with health problems were sent back home or kept in detention rooms till they get cured. They also had to answer a 29-question test (including name - occupation - money carried). 2% were denied admission to the USA.


8. When did Ellis Island open and when did it close?

Ellis Island was opened as an immigrant inspection station from January 1st 1892 to November 29th 1954.


9. Give the names of the differents rooms in Ellis Island?

The bunker (dormitories) - the Great Hall - the medical room - the baggage room....

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