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18 Sep


Publié par Sandrine CHARAVY  - Catégories :  #PREMIERES S



I. Introduction.


          Document: We are not nuggets.


Describing a picture.

 Useful vocabulary to describe an advert (slogan - catchphrase - logo - brandname)

What is the advetiser's goal? What does this advert aim at?

Giving one's personal opinion.


II. Typical dishes from all aover the world.




                * each pupil show a picture of a typical dish (served in an English-speaking country). The other pupils try to identify the dish and the country where it is served.


            * each student describe a typical dish (the ingredients) and the others try to find what it is and where it comes from.


            Oral comprehension: Fish and chips.


You can listen to the recording again on podcasts in English (number 61)


          Grammar: quantifying qualities

  COUNTABLE NOUNS (cereals, biscuits, eggs) NON COUNTABLE NOUNS (sugar, flour, milk)
ABSENCE no, not any no, not any
VERY SMALL QUANTITIES very few / few very little / little
SMALL QUANTITIES a few a little
AVERAGE enough enough
LARGE QUANTITIES many, lots of, a lot of much, lots of, a lot of


III. Food in the USA.


Worksheet about the movie "Supersize me":


- the movie poster



- the beginning of the movie (oral comprehension)


IV. Debating about food habits: take part in a talk show.


*       Work in groups of four or five

     You are taking part in an American talk show. The host wants to find out about European eating habits.

*       Choose your role from one of the following:  

-         the talk-show host

-         a mother who is concerned about health

-         a teenager addicted to junk food

-         a nutritionist

-         a chief working in a five-star restaurant

-         a fast food's owner, a local chippy

-         a fast food's employee

-         a vegetarian or a vegan


* Prepare the arguments you are going to put forward or, for the host, the questions you are going to ask, and then…you’re “on the air”!

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