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05 Feb


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1. What is the nature of the document? a radio report.

2. Where did it happen? Tick the correct answer.

x New York City

- Washington DC

3. Where exactly? in the Hudson River.

4. What happened that day? Tick the correct answer.

- a plane  was hijacked and hit the Twin Towers.

X a plane experienced some problem and ditched safely into a river.

- a plane experienced some problem and sank into a river.

5. What was the name of the company and the number of the flight? US Airways - Flight 1549

6. What were the consequences?

155 lives were saved and a legend was born


7. Where did it happen. Fill in the blanks.


3,000 feet over one of the most densely populated areas of the planet.

8. Who is responsible for that mess? Tick the correct answer. 

- a missile

x a flock of birds

- the sunset


9. Fill in the blanks.


Captain Sully Sullenberger was faced with a catastrophy. With brains and courage, Summy brought his plane down safely onto the frigid waters of the Hudson River. 

"I think in many ways as it turned out, my entire life up to that moment had been a preparation to handle that particular moment"



10. Tick the correct answer. After landing, the plane.....


- was estimated

x was evacuated

- was evaluated

11. Who was sent there first to help them? Tick the correct answer.


- ferryboats

- rescuers

x responders


12. How many people were killed? Nobody was killed.


13. Fill in the blanks.


"For me, it was an amazing experience in the sense that it really gave you a feeling of the human race can help each other"

14. Since this unforgettable event, thete have been....tick the correct answers.

x moments of celebration 

- moments of congratulation

x moments of gratitude


15. Right or wonrg? This experience is a chance to think after facing death and seeing life again.




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