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27 Sep


Publié par Sandrine CHARAVY  - Catégories :  #PREMIERES S


      1.    When was the Statue of Liberty dedicated?          /1

              It was dedicated on  October 28th 1886.


       2.    What is the other name of the Statue of Liberty?          /1.5

               It is also called “Liberty Enlightening the World”

      3.    Who designed the Statue of Liberty?          /1


             Bartholdi designed the Statue of Liberty


      4.     What did he want to crown her with at first?          /2

              Originally, Bartholdi wanted to crown her with the pileus, a roman cap given to emancipated slaves in Ancient Rome.


      5.     What is the tabula ansata? Give some details about it         /3

      It is an evocation of the concept of Law. On the tabula ansata, we can read the date of the American Declaration of Independence written in Roman digits (July 4 MDCCLXXVI)

     6.     What are the different “objects” conveying an idea of Liberty?          /3

              First, the Statue is holding the tabula ansata, which is a direct reference to the independence of the USA. Then, broken chains / shackles lie at her feet and they are a symbol for slaves’ emancipation. Furthermore, the fact that she is standing on a pedestal with her right hand raised also means that she is dominating the world.  The Statue of Liberty was inspired by Libertas, a Roman goddess and the clothes she is wearing, “the pella and stella”, is a clear reference to Roman goddesses.


     7.     Give the English synonyms of the pella and stella.          /1

              Pella and stella correspond to “gown and cloak” in English and it is a reminder of the Roman’s goddesses dress.


     8.      What did the Statue of Liberty mean to the immigrants?          /2.5

               When immigrants arrived in the USA, they first saw the Statue of Liberty thus it meant the end of their exhausting and never-ending journey. They traveled during weeks and even months in hard conditions (the boat was overcrowded and extremely noisy, there wasn’t food enough, and diseases were widespread on the boat…).  Moreover, arriving in the USA signified the beginning of a new life and the possibility of fulfilling the American dream i.e to earn money, to have a house and to live in good conditions.

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