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10 Feb


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1. Translate into English :

Quand Steve arrive chez lui, il fait inhabituellement noir.

When Steve gets back home, it is unusually dark

Il y a un silence glacial dans l’entrée et un feu dans la cheminée.

There is a chilling silence in the hall and a fire in the fireplace.

Steve se hâte vers le téléphone et décide d’appeler les urgences et les pompiers.

Steve rushes to the phone and decides to phone the police and the firemen.

Steve habite dans un quartier résidentiel appelé Driftwood Lane.

Steve lives in a neighborhood called / named Driftwood Lane.

Il y a des découpages éparpillés sur la table basse.

There are cutouts scattered on the end table.


2. Say it differently

the road is slippery, Steve accelerates

The road is slippery and yet Steve drives faster and faster.

Even if / even though the road is slippery, Steve speeds up.

The road is slippery. However, Steve floors the accelerator.

Even if it is dangerous, Steve drives home very quickly

Desptite the danger / in spite of the danger, Steve drives home very quickly.


3. How many characters are there in Coming Home? What do you know about them?

The main character of the story is Steve Peterson. The whole story is seen through his eyes. Neil and Sharon are often referred to and we understand that they must be his son and his wife / girlfriend. The only character who is speaking is the nurse, when Steve calls the hospital to check if Neil and Sharon are there. In the end, there is an allusion to the Perrys who are probably Steve's neighbours.


4. Explain the following sentence: “a sense of fear tensed his (Steve’s) body”

When he gets back home, the atmosphere is really gloomy. Indeed, the lights of his house are off and it is really strange because Steve is used to being welcomed by his family when he comes back from work. It is all the stranger as his wife / girlfriend's car is parked in their driveway. Normally, she should be at home. As a result, Steve starts being afraid and starts wondering where his family could be. His body is seized by a feeling of fear and his hands are clammy / wet. All along the story, he gets more and more nervous and in the end, he is completely panic-stricken.

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