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28 Sep


Publié par Sandrine CHARAVY  - Catégories :  #TERMINALES S




I.                    Translate the following expressions into English…you may find some help in your text !

« Disons les  choses ainsi, vous êtes virés » = « Let’s put it this way, you’re fired »

« J’aimerais savoir ce qu’il se passe ici » = « I’d like to know what’s going on here »

Il a failli faire rater l’affaire = He nearly blew the case

« Mettez-vous à notre place, nous ne pouvons plus vous garder avec nous » = « Put yourself in our shoes, we can no longer keep you here »

« Prenez les choses calmement » = « Take it easy »


II.                  Meaning

1.       Answer the questions about the text.

a.       Give the complete names of the senior (managing) partners.

The senior partners are Charles Wheeler, Walter Kenton and Bob Seidman.

b.      Pick out a sentence expressing the fact that Andrew is fired.

“Your place is this firm is no longer secure…we don’t think it’s fair to keep you here” (lines 12/13)

c.       The senior partners pretend to ignore that Andrew has AIDS. Quote the sentence which proves that they know Andrew is an AIDS carrier.

“there’s no coming from a mistake like that[…]regardless of who you are” (lines 31/32)

d.      How does Charles Wheeler justify Andrew’s dismissal?

Charles Wheeler justifies Andrew’s dismissal by the fact that he has too many qualifications for this job. He acts as a hypocrite. He is flattering Andy, he is all smiles with him but his attitude is clearly hypocritical. He is literally stabbing Andrew in the back..

e.      Explain what Seidman means when he says “that alone is inexcusable” (line 28)

He implies that even if Andrew hadn’t had AIDS, he would have been fired. The fact that he’s concealed his disease is another inexcusable reason to fire him.

f.        Find two expressions showing that Andrew is a good lawyer.

“brilliant lawyer”(intro) -  “I was one of the rising stars around here” (line23) – “if you’d lost confidence in me, why did you give me the Highline Case” (line 27)

g.       What makes Andrew realize he is being fired?

Andrew remembers that his boss is well-known / notorious / famous to deliver his good-luck-and-get-out speech. It Is also called the Executioner’s song. It is a very special speech he delivers whenever he wants to fire a number of the staff / whenever he dismisses someone. Mister Wheeler is as heartless / pitiless / merciless as an executioner whose job is to put the culprit to death. He is not interested in what the others think or feel.

h.      What does the word “limited” mean (line 13)

Charles Wheeler wants to say to Andrew that he is not at his right place in the firm. He tries to convince him that he should find another job because he is too qualified for this one. Andrew is a brilliant lawyer so he deserves a better job according to Charles Wheeler. If he stays longer in this firm, his career won’t evolve anymore. On the other hand, it may suggest that Andre’s career is limited because he is ill and he is likely to die or because he has made a mistake and can’t be trusted anymore.


2.       Right or wrong? Justify your answers by quoting from the text.

a.       Andrew more or less expected this to happen so he doesn’t overreact.

WRONG “excuse me, am I being fired?”

b.      He is flabbergasted.

RIGHT “only a second or two passed, but it felt like an eternity”

c.       He feels so hopeless that he doesn’t try to defend himself.

WRONG “excuse me Charles, with all due respect, this is preposterous (stupid), it doesn’t make any sense”

d.      He accuses them of employment discrimination.

WRONG “if you’d lost confidence in me, why did you give me the HC”

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