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12 Oct


Publié par Sandrine CHARAVY  - Catégories :  #TERMINALES S



             1.       Questions about the text.

             a.       Does Andrew know he is going to be fired? Explain what elements in his attitude have helped you to answer (you may use what we said about the movie and about the text).

At the very beginning, Andrew Beckett does not expect to be fired. He is summoned by his boss but he thinks it is a daily meeting or that they need to talk about the Highline case. As Andrew is known to be a brilliant lawyer, he may expect a pay rise / a raise as a reward for the good job he has done and all the cases he has won till now.

In the movie, nothing conveys an idea of fear at the beginning of the meeting. Andrew enters the conference room in a relaxed way. He is smiling, so do the senior partners. The atmosphere is friendly and everybody is pleased. Though they are working partners, it seems that they are getting on well perfectly. It is as if they were friends, calling each other by their first names.

 We clearly understand that he does not expect this dismissal when he says “am I being fired?” The atmosphere in the room is suddenly different. In the movie, there is a clear separation between Andrew and the rest of the team. The long wooden table separates them. Andy is alone on one side and the other partners are gathered round the boss. 

Andrew begins to understand what is going on when he remembers what his boss is famous for. The way his boss is acting reminds him of the good-luck-and-get-out speech. He knows that whenever Charles Wheeler wants to fire an employee, he is used to flattering him first and then, he stabs the person in the back. That is exactly what Charles Wheeler is doing in this passage. He starts by telling Andrew that all the partners are his friends, even a family, he calls him by his nickname…and he makes him suddenly realize he is fired.

Andrew is astounded / astonished at hearing such news. He is so flabbergasted that he does not know what to say and how to defend himself. When he entered the room, few minutes ago, he did not expect this to happen and now, he is defenseless / powerless.

            b.      Analyze Andrew’s attitude all along the meeting with his senior partners.

Andrew’s attitude evolves all along the scene. At the beginning, he is calm and relaxed since he hopes he is going to a trivial meeting. When he understands he is being fired, he is surprised and flabbergasted. He stops talking for a few seconds and it seems an eternity. Then, he does not resign and tries to defend himself. He tries to convince his partners that he is an excellent lawyer and that his dismissal would be a huge mistake for the firm. Finally, he is hopeless as the situation is a dead-end street. His look conveys an idea of despair and deep sadness. He is devastated / he is a wreck in the end.

           c.       Analyze Charles Wheeler’s attitude all along the meeting with Andrew.

Charles Wheeler is the law’s firm boss where Andrew is working. He is the chief and nobody dares to interrupt him when he speaks. He is the one who takes all the decisions and who decides about the future of his employees.


          d.      “‘I hate to rush you out of here but we’ve got a meeting in my office’. Everyone stood, smiling pleasantly”. What is particularly shocking about the partners’ behavior in this passage?

Andrew’s partners have just witnessed a dismissal and it is as if nothing had happened. They pretend that they are his friends, his family and they go on their day without paying attention to him. None of them tries to defend him when he is fired. No one them sides with him. Their attitude is shocking because one of their team is fired and it does not seem to affect them. They keep on / go on smiling and joking together. Charles Wheeler wants Andrew to leave because he no longer belongs to the ‘family’. They are going to a meeting all together and Andrew is excluded from the team.

           e.      What is the other nickname of Mister Wheeler’s good-luck-and-get-out speech and why?

The way Wheeler fire his employees is also called the Executioner’s song. Actually, it is a long speech which consists in flattering the employee and then firing him. Mister Wheeler acts like an Executioner whose job is to put the culprit to death. It means that he has no feelings, he is merciless / pitiless / heartless and he does not care about what his victims may feel. He is not interested in the others’ feelings.

                  2.       Linguistic activities.

a.       Turn the following sentences into the passive form.

They are destroying his life

  *   His life is being destroyed

We can’t give you important cases any longer

    *  You can’t be given important cases any longer

    *  Important cases can’t be given to you any longer

They’ll have to find another lawyer

    *  Another lawyer will have to be found

The doctor gave Andrew a new appointment

    *  A new appointment was given to Andrew by the doctor

    *  Andrew was given a new appointment by the doctor

They must look for another partner

    *  Another partner must have to be looked for

They’ve just dismissed him

    *  He has just been dismissed


b.      Say it differently

Andrew has AIDS

    *  Andrew is an AIDS carrier

They blame him for not being good enough at his job

    * T hey accuse him of not being up to his job.

    *  They reproach him with not being up to his job

Andrew wants to sue his boss

     *  Andrew wants to take his boss to court 

     *  Andrew wants to prosecute his boss

However brilliant he is, they have decided to fire him

     *  No matter how brilliant he is, they have decided to dismiss him / to give him the sack.

Fighting back is useless

    *  It is no use fighting back 

    *  There is no use (point) in fighting back 

    *  Fighting back is pointless 

c.       Translation

S’il avait dit la vérité à ses collègues, Andrew n’aurait pas été viré.

    *  If he had told the truth to his partners, Andrew would not have been fired

Andrew est d’autant plus triste qu’il pensait être une étoile montante dans son entreprise.

    *  Andrew is all the sadder / all the more disappointed as he thought he was a rising star in his firm

Bien qu’il soit tout sourire et qu’il flatte Andrew, on comprend rapidement que Charles Wheeler est un hypocrite / faux cul.

    *  Although he is all smiles and that he flatters Andrew, we quickly / rapidly understand that Charles Wheeler is a double-faced individual / a hypocrite.

Andrew comprend que ce n’est plus la peine de se battre

    *  Andrew understands it is no use defending himself.

    *  Andrew understands there is no point in defending himself.


Andrew est tellement sidéré qu’il ne sait plus quoi dire à ses collègues.

    *  Andrew is so flabbergasted that he does not know what to say to his partners any loner / anymore.


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