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02 Dec


Publié par Sandrine CHARAVY  - Catégories :  #TERMINALES STI



  1. Choose the correct answer and WRITE out the COMPLETE sentence :

  1. Guy is in :
    1. Hawaii
    2. London
    3. Ghana

Guy is in Ghana


  1. Guy is :


    1. a student
    2. a professional footballer
    3. a doctor

Guy is a student


  1. The conversation is about :


    1. a football match
    2. a car accident
    3. Malcolm’s death


The conversation is about Malcolm’s death


  1. Malcolm is :


    1. Guy’s father
    2. Guy’s friend
    3. Guy’s role model


Malcolm is Guy’s role model


8 POINTS (1 par bonne réponse et 1 pour la phrase complete)


  1. Are the following statements true (T) or false (F) ? Justify each answer by briefly quoting the text and indicate the line(s)

  1. It was easy for the narrator to get in touch with Guy = FALSE


“”It took me two days to reach Ghana by telephone and when I did, Guy’s voice was hardly audible “ (l.1-2)


  1. Guy was unaffected by what had happened = FALSE


“I was sorry about Malcolm” (l.4)


  1. Guy had had serious problems in the past = TRUE


“Guy had broken his neck and spent six months in a torso cast” (l.8-9)


  1. The narrator knew clearly what Guy meant = TRUE


“I could translate him into my mother language fluently” (l. 19-20)


  1. Guy’s life was boring = FALSE


“he was living the high life, the very high life” (l.21-22)


  1. Guy always enjoyed a discussion = TRUE


“he was always eager for argument” (l25)


  1. Guy always wanted to be with the narrator = FALSE


“He missed me but not in the sense that he wished me back in Ghana” (l.26-27)



14 POINTS ( 1 point par bonne réponse et 1 point pour la justification)

  1. Pick out elements showing that :


  1. Guy was trying to reassure the narrator (2 answers)


“I am very well “– “I’m doing fine” (l.5)


  1. Guy and the narrator had always had a good relationship (1 answer)


“We had lived so close together” (l.18)


  1. Guy enjoyed living on his own (1 answer)


“there was no mother around him to give him curfew hours” (l.23-24)


  1. Guy admired political leaders (1 answer)


“any man of color who faced the threat of life with courage and intellect, and wit’ was his hero. He included among his paladins Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King,Jr.” (l28-29-30-31)


  1. Malcolm was important for both Guy and the narrator (2 answers)


“ Guy himself had lost an ideal so he felt sympathy for me” – “he knew I had lost a  friend” (l32-33)


( 7 POINTS – 1 point par bonne réponse)


  1. From the following list, write down the four adjectives which best describe the narrator’s attitude towards Guy :

Worried – naïve – intolerant – scepticalunderstanding – irritated – indifferent – loving

( 8 POINTS – 2 points par bonne réponse, -2 par mauvaise réponse)

  1. In the text find the equivalent of each of the follwong words or expressions.

  1. not easily = hardly (l.2)
  2. recovered = healed (l.9)
  3. permission given by a doctor = medical clearance (l.10)
  4. to become distant = fade (l.13)
  5. the menace = the threat (l.29)
  6. came first = topped (l.32)




6 POINTS (1 point par bonne réponse)


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