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11 Feb


Publié par Sandrine CHARAVY  - Catégories :  #TERMINALES STI



Les éléments en italiques n’étaient pas exigibles…Ils servent à illustrer et justifier les réponses.


I.                    GENERAL COMPREHENSION         3 POINTS

A. This text is an extract from 1. a newspaper (The Sunday Times, July 23rd 2006)

B. The text deals with people accustomed to (addicted to) 2. video games.

C. The clinic offering helps is located in 2. The Netherlands ( Duch is the nationality of the people living in Netherlands – the people living in Germany are German !!!)




Right or Wrong? Justify your answers by quoting from the text.


Treatment has been on offer for a long time.

Wrong – line 1 “A Dutch clinic that has begun offering the world’s first treatment for computer game addicts”

    2.       This situation is only a European problem.

Wrong – line 2 “all over the world” – line 6/7 “other sufferers are being signed in from America and Asia”

   3.       The director of the clinic used to have the same sort of problem.


Right – line 9 “a former (= ex) drug addict.


   4.       Sufferers prefer playing with their friends.


Wrong – line 10 “they have no friends”


   5.       Sport is part of the treatment.

Right – line 12 “parachuting treatment” – line 13 “fitness training”


B.      The following statements are right. Pick out sentences to justify them. Quote the line.    6 POINTS


1.       This problem can have disastrous effects on school attendance.


Line 10 “some have given up school so they can play games”


2.       Sufferers do not get on well with their parents.


Line 11 / 12 “they don’t speak to their parents”


3.       All experts do not agree on the nature of the problem.


Line 15 “although experts are still debating whether excessive game playing counts as an addiction”



4.       This problem can lead to obesity.


Line 22 “weighing more than 21 stone”


5.       Even very young children are concerned.

Line 26 “one couple brought a 6-year-old to the clinic”

6.       This problem prevents teenagers from growing up normally.


line 31 “many adolescents addicts have stopped maturing” – line 32 “I’ve met 19-year-olds with the emotional intelligence of 10-year-olds”


C.      Write down the 4 adjectives which best describe the players.   2 POINTS


lazy – solitary – disturbed – anti-social


D.      Pick out two activities proposed as a treatment by the clinic, except physical exercise.     



meditation and group therapy.


E.       Find the equivalent words or expressions in the text.     6 POINTS


young people between the ages of 13 and 19 : teenagers (adolescent ne marchait pas car c’était un adjectif dans le texte…)


2.       have stopped doing something : have given up


3.       scared : frightened


4.       menaced : threatened


5.       signed up : enrolled


6.       to publish : issue


Voici les sujets d’expression que vous pouvez faire à la maison et me rendre pour correction….Les deux sujets sont à traiter.

III.                EXPRESSION


DO BOTH SUBJECTS (one and two)


1.       Imagine a conversation between Tim and his parents (80 words)


2.       A parents’ association writes an article about the dangers of computer games and offers advice (120 words)

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