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08 Jun


Publié par Sandrine CHARAVY




" No one who struggles


for justice is a stranger here.


No one who dies in the


struggle is forgotten


in Free Derry"




' Bloody Sunday ' refers to the events that took place in Derry on the afternoon of Sunday 30 January 1972. A Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (NICRA) march had been organized to protest against the continuation of Internment without trial in Northern Ireland. An estimated 20,000 men, women and children took part in the march in a 'carnival atmosphere'. The march was prevented from entering the city center by members of the British Army. The main body of the march then moved to 'Free Derry Corner' to attend a rally but some young men began throwing stones at soldiers in William Street. Soldiers of the Parachute Regiment, an elite regiment of the British Army, moved into the Bogside in an arrest operation. During the newt 30 minutes, these soldiers shot dead 13 men (and shot and injured a further 13 people) mainly by single shots to the head and the trunk. The soldeirs responsible for the deaths and injuries  that day insisted that they had come under sustained gun and bomb attack by members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and only fired at people in possession of weapons.


Martin Melaugh,link




More information about Free Derry Corner






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