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05 Apr


Publié par Sandrine CHARAVY  - Catégories :  #TERMINALES STI

I was becoming an expert on police interview rooms. Two officers drove me down the hill to another police station. They wouldn’t let me ride my bike. It would be brought, I was told. They drove into the rear car park and I was led in through a back entrance. I was met by a WPC1, who took me through to my next interview room. I sat on a plastic chair and was left alone. I hadn’t completely pulled myself together when the door opened and a man in a suit came in.

He was carrying two files under his arm. He stopped suddenly and look at me.’What the hell are you wearing?”he said.

‘I’m a bike messenger’, I said.

‘Are you the one who found the body?’


He placed the two files on the table one beside the other. ‘I’m Detective Chief Inspector Paul Kamsky’, he said. ‘How are you doing?’

‘I’ll be fine’, I said.

‘This isn’t really by the book. I know you haven’t given s statement yet, but as soon as I heard, I had to come and talk to you myself.’ He gave a baffled smile. ‘I had to ask, what the hell is going on?’

‘What do you mean?’

He picked up a file – green cardboard – and opened it.

‘On Thursday, the tenth of Mat, you were the last person to see one Margaret Farrell alive’

‘Me and a couple of friends, yes’.

He put the file down and picked up the other one – brown cardboard, this time. ‘And now, a little over three weeks later, you are the person who finds the body of Ingrid de Soto. I wondered if you had any comments to make.’

‘For what it’s worth, I’m a bit shaken by it;’

‘So am I, Miss Bell. Anything else?’

‘Like what?’

He paused for a moment.’ Miss Bell, I’m not sure if you’re entirely recognizing the oddity of the situation.’

‘I’m recognizing it. It’s a horrible coincidence and it’s not nice being the victim.’

‘You’re the witness, not the victim.’

‘That’s what I was trying to say.’

‘I could put it this way. I’ve been a copper for twenty-eight years and the only time I’ve ever found someone on two murder scenes within a month is because they were the murderer.’

‘You’re not saying…?’

‘No, no, of course. But I’m afraid we’re going to have to ask you to be here for a while. These statements take a ridiculously long time. But I’m just here to ask you a couple of very simple questions.’

‘Like what?’

‘Like, can you think of any connection between these two women?4

‘ Don’t be ridiculous,’ I said. ‘There’s no connection at all.’

‘Well, there’s one,’ he said.

‘What’s that?’


                                               Nicci French, Until It’s Over, 2008 (adapted and abridged)


  1. WPC: Woman Police Constable.


Note d’information aux candidats: les candidats traiteront le sujet sur la copie qui leur sera fournie en respectant l’ordre des questions et en faisant apparaître la numérotation (numéro et lettre repère le cas échéant, ex : 9b).

Ils composeront des phrases complètent chaque fois qu’il leur est demandé de rédiger les réponses. Les citations seront précédées de la mention de la ligne.





A. Choose the correct answer and quote two elements from the text to justify your answer.

The scene takes place:

  1. In a hospital
  2. In a police station
  3. In an office
  4. In a tribunal

B. Complete the sentences by using the following expressions.

Victim n°1 – a bike messenger – a man in a suit – a copper – victim n°2 – the narrator

  1. Paul Kamsky is … and …
  2. Miss Bell is … and …
  3. Ingrid de Soto is …
  4. Margaret Farrell is …

C. Use the list below to say

       1.   who is present at the interview

       2.   who is just mentioned during the interview

       3.   who is present in the rest of the text

Two officers – a WPC – Detective Inspector Paul Kamsky – Margaret Farrell – Infrid de Soto – Miss Bell


D. Say what the underlined words refer to.

       1.  it would be brought (line2)

       2.  I’m recognizing it (line 31)

       3.  that’s what I was trying to say (line 33)

       4.  Well, there’s one (line 43)


E. Right or wrong? Answer and justify by quoting from the text. Give the line numbers.

       1.  The narrator has never been to a police station.

       2.  The inspector and the narrator have never met before.

       3.  The Chief Inspector did not want to leave the case to another detective.

       4.  Paul Kamsky is an experienced policeman.

       5.  The interview is going to be short.


F. Find the adjective which best describes the narrator and justify your answer with two quotes from the text.

       Hysterical – shocked – indifferent


G. Find three quotes from the text showing that the Inspector thinks the narrator could be the murderer.






         H. Find in the text the equivalents of these words or expressions (in the order of the text).

             1.   regained self-control

             2.   declaration

             3.  perplexed

             4.   strangeness




Les candidats des séries STG ET ST2S traiteront les deux sujets, le premier en 80 mots minimum, le second en 120 mots minimum. Les candidats des séries STI et STL traiteront uniquement le sujet numéro 2 en 150 mots minimum.

  1.  Continue the police interview between the inspector and the narrator.
  2.  Do you like detective stories? Why or why not? Use example to illustrate your opinion (novels, films, TV series…)     
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