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24 Jun


Publié par Sandrine CHARAVY  - Catégories :  #TERMINALES S




Voici quelques pistes de correction pour le sujet d'anglais LV1. Il y avait peu de questions cette fois mais beaucoup de réponses à rédiger. Il va de soi que les points seront attribués en fonction des idées mais aussi de la correction lexicale et grammaticale de vos réponses. En ce qui concerne l'expression, le barême appliqué et toujours le même; à savoir 8 points pour la réalisation de l'exercice et 12 points pour la recevabilité linguistique.

I.                    COMPREHENSION


        1.       Name the characters who are present.

-          Eilis

-          Rose (Eilis’s sister)

-          their mother (Eilis’s mother)

-          Father Flood


         2.       What is the main topic of the conversation?

-          Eilis’s current job

-          her future

-          possible emigration to the USA


a.       What is Eilis’s present situation? (15-20 words)

-          working at Miss Kelly’s

-          low-paid job / being unpaid / doesn’t earn a lot of money

-          she is regularly mistreated / humilated


b.      What had she intended to do before Father Flood’s visit?

-          going to England

-          finding a new job


c.       Why didn’t she carry out her plans (25-30 words). List three reasons.


-          told the boys / her brothers / relatives / friends

-          it was not a good time

-          only factory work available

-          her mother had been against this project at first



a.       What is the reason for Father Flood’s visit to Eilis’s house?

He was invited by Rose and her mother:

-          to talk Eilis into considering a job in Brooklyn

-          to convince her to go to the US


b.      What suggestions did he make as far as her future is concerned? Give his arguments. (30-40 words)

He came to convince Eilis to go to America because :

-          better paid

-          more interesting office work / qualified work

-          safe community

-          Irish people

-          being young is an asset / no unemployment / plenty of work


c.       Explain what Father Flood’s general mission consists it? (15-20 words)

-            coming to Ireland

-            helping and recruiting Irish willing to emigrate

-            convincing Irish to emigrate

-            welcoming the Irish in his community back in the US

-            setting them up with work


         5.        (l.20-21). “The silence that descended made it clear to Eilis what the others were thinking.”

a.       In your own words explain what Rose and her mother are thinking. Add two quotes to justify your answer (40-50 words)

-          they both feel guilty

-          they must be ashamed

-          they use Father Flood to convince Eilis

-          they will be responsible for Eilis’s possible departure

-          Rose feels nervous

-          Rose is uneasy / ill-at-ease

-          she is thoughtful and must be wondering if she is doing the right thing

-          the mother feels much more concerned and worried

-          neither of them dare to face her / to look her in the eye

-          they are trying to avoid a confrontation

Quotations: Rose l.23-24 “she twisted her ring and then her bracelet”

                        l.30 “it was Rose’s silence that was new to her”


                         Mother l.21-22 “she looked across the mother who deliberately, it seemed to her, dod not return her glance but kept her gaze fixed on the fllor”

                         l.26 “it might be very dangerous, her mother said, her eyes still fixed on the floor”


b.      Describe Eilis’s attitude during the scene. Add two quotes to justify your answer. (40-50 words)

-          she remains silent

-          she seems powerless like a child

-          she doesn’t have the right to choose / decide

-          she regrets ever having told her mother and sister about the problems she had at Miss Kelly’s

-          she feels partly responsible for her own situation

-          she doesn’t dare to question what is happening

-          she feels subdued

-          she feels nostalgia because she understands something is about to change / things will never be the same

-          she doesn’t understand her sister’s lack of reaction


         6.       What vision does Eilis give of England and America at the end of the text? (40-50 words)

-          she compares the two countries / weighs pros and cons

-          England is near and practical

-          it is more difficult to come back from the US / long journey

-          the trip is more expensive

-          the US seems more appealing / attractive

-          people don’t really com back from the US even for holidays

-          whereas people living in England are homesick

-          in America they make more money and seem happier

-          in England people seem to have more ordinary lives

-          success is possible in the US / land of opportunities


         7.       Translate from l.42 “In the days that followed…” to l.45 “…in the summer.”

Les jours suivants, on ne reparla pas de la visite du Père Flood ou du fait qu’il ait évoqué la possibilité qu’elle aille à Brooklyn et c’est ce silence persistant qui amena Eilis à penser que Rose et sa mère avait discuté et qu’elles approuvaient ce projet. Elle n’avait pour sa part jamais envisagé de partir aux Etats Unis. Bon nombre de ses connaissances étaient parties en Angleterre et revenaient souvent pour Noël ou l’été.

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