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09 Apr


Publié par Sandrine CHARAVY  - Catégories :  #TERMINALES STI



1                   'Christian's got a girlfriend' I announced over dinner a few days later. I hand't intended to say

             anyhing about it, but in spite of my broad hints in private, Christian had shown no signs of wanting

             to confide. There was nothing for it but to force his hand.


                     'Have you, Christian?' Mum enquired serenely. 'Is she nice?'


5                    Christian shot me a look of pure hatred before saying. 'Yes', in a clipped tone that suggested

             further questions would not be welcome.


                      'Well, that's nice' said Mum, fishing for seconds in the casserole. 'Are we allowed to know her



                      'Penny' said Christian.


10                  'He prentended to go jogging, but he's actually meeting her' I explained. I'd burnt my boats as

              far as popularity went, so I thought I may as well make what I could of my hard-won knowledge.


                      'She's got blonde hair'


                      'How do you know so much, Esther?' Christian demanded. 'Have you been following me?'


                      'No,'I replied, truthfully.


15                  'I'm sure Christian would have told us about her if he'd wanted us to know,'Dad said to me

               with a frown.


                     Far from bringing Christian to order, my declaration had the opposite effect : legitimising his

               many absences from home. He now abandoned all pretence of jogging and sauntered out of the

               house each evening, smartly dressed. Penny lived in one of the houses at the further extent of his

20            paper round. They had met months ago in the driveway during a territorial dispute between

               Christian and her dachshund*. This much information I had managed to wring from him.


                    'He's never here,' I complained to Mum. 'Doesn't he like us any more?'


                    Mum smiled indulgently. 'Of course he does.' The fact that nobody seemed to mind was

               just another provocation. 'You'll be exactly the same when you're sixteen;'


25                 Yes, but what am I supposed to d with myself till then? I wanted to shout. It was so miserable

               being the younger of two: always the disciple, the bumbling apprentice, perpetually outperformed.


adapted from Clare Chambers, In a Good Light, 2004


* a dachshund is a dog.





Les candidats traiteront toutes les questions sur la copie qui leur sera fournie. Ils prendront soin de répondre aux questions dans l'ordre et de bien respecter la numérotation.


Les citations seront limitées aux éléments pertinents.




Compréhension écrite : 12 points


Expression écrite : 8 points





1. Choose the best answer (1 point)


This text is ...a- an extract from a play

                    b- an extract from a novel

                    c- an interview


2. Give the narrator's name (1 point)


The narrator's name is Esther.


3. Choose the bewt answer (1 point)


The action takes place in ... a- Penny's house

                                         b- Christian's kitchen

                                         c- the family dining's room


4. Choose the best title for this text (1 point)


a- Christian meets Penny

b- The Wrong Girlfriend

c- Brother and Sister

d- Generation Gap


5. These events appear in the text in the following order; put then in the correct chronological order (2 points)


a- The narrator reveals Christian has a girlfriend

b- Christian is furious

c- Christian leaves home smartly dressed

d- Christian delivers newspapers.

e- Christian has a problem with a dog.

f- Christian meets a girl.


The right order is : d - e - f - a - b - c


6. Decide who the following adjectives describe : Christian or his sister. Justify with quotations from the text.(give line numbers) (3 points)


discreet / curious / frustrated


Discreet describes Christian.

" Christian had shown no sign of wanting to confide" line 2

" he pretended to go jogging " line 10

" he now abandoned all pretence of jogging " line 18


Curious describes Esther.

" my hard-won knowledge" line 11

" this much information I had managed to wring from him" line 21


Frustrated describes Esther.

" doesn't like us anymore" line 22

" I wanted to shout. It was so miserable being the younger of two" line 25/26


7. Decide if the following statements are right or wrong. Justify your choices with quotes from the text (give the line numbers). (3 points)


a. The narrator had decided to make a revelation over dinner.

Wrong. "I hadn't intended to say anything about it" line 1


b. The mother was shocked by this revelation.

Wrong. "have you? Mum enquired serenely." line 4

"Well that's nice" line 17


c. The narrator's father disapproved of her attitude.

Right. "I'm sure Christian...wanted us to know" line 15

"he said to me with a frown" line 15


d. The narrator wanted her parents to force Christian to stay at home.

Right. "Far from bringing Christian to order, my declaration had the opposite effect" line 22


e. The narrator was sixteen.

Wrong. "when you're sixteen" line 24


f. The narrator felt inferior to her brother.

Right. "It was so miserable being the younger of two : always the disciple, the bumbling apprentice, perpetually outperformed" line 24-25




Write an essay of around 200 words about one of the following propositions.


A- Do you find it easier to talk about your personal life and problems with your friends or your family? *


B- Esther would like to be older. Do you think teenagers are eager to become adults? Illustrate with examples.

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