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The young Indian girl who said "No !" Read the following press article to discover more about the 11-year-old Rekha Kalindi. Rekha Kalindi was punished by her mother for refusing to wed aged 11 She later managed to get an education and is now 18 and an...

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Some very interesting figures about social networks. In the modern age, if someone does not use social media, the poor soul is considered extremely primitive. Almost all internet users visit social networking sites daily. One can safely say that use...

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BE HAPPY !!!!!!

According to a recent study, Queen's Don't Stop Me Now is the top feel-good song !!! Just listen to it and enjoy !!! QUEEN: STUDIO COLLECTION - ALL 15 STUDIO ALBUMS ON 180 GRAM COLOURED VINYL - OUT SEPTEMBER 25 PRE-ORDER NOW: http://QUEEN.LNK.TO/STUDIOCOLLECTION...

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Our first topic is about new technologies. Here are some short videos to illustrate what we said in class. Sign up for our WellCast newsletter for more of the love, lolz and happy! http://goo.gl/GTLhb Sometimes, you need to go off the grid. If you're...

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En 1984, le ministère de la Culture français créait les "Journées Portes Ouvertes des monuments historiques". Cette manifestation à fait des émules dans les payes européens et désormais, une cinquantaine de pays a instauré cette manifestation annuelle....

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ARE WE WHAT WE EAT? I. Introduction. Document: We are not nuggets. Describing a picture. Useful vocabulary to describe an advert (slogan - catchphrase - logo - brandname) What is the advetiser's goal? What does this advert aim at? Giving one's personal...

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Two animated videos to know more about Gandhi's life and the Salt March. Ghandi India was placed under a British colonial rule in 1757. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a great nationalist leader, devoted his life to his country, India and his fellow Indians...

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Ce blog pédagogique est adressé aux élèves du lycée Jacob Holtzer mais également aux parents qui souhaitent découvrir les différentes activités menées en classe et les projets proposés aux élèves de la cité scolaire.