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16 Jan


Publié par Sandrine CHARAVY

To start our new topic about Myths and Heroes, let's focus on the role of women, more particularly those who made great achievements to change their situation in the British society and in the world for the better.


The first part of our lesson will be devoted to The Suffragettes. The word "suffrage" means the right to vote. Nevertheless, this right was only men's for a long time. The Suffragettes campaigned for women to have this right to vote. This movement was founded in England by Millicent Fawcett. At the beginning, it was really peaceful and women tried to convince men that they also deserved the right to vote. As things didn't change, the campaign became more agressive with more violent direct actions (tsuch as the Hunger Strike that led to the Cat and Mouse Act)


The following link presents the key dates of this movement and some important figures.

Just for fun: Propaganda against women's vote was really and incredibly developed. Just have alook at the different posters about the situation. 

If you want to discover the evolution of the Rights of Women, just have a look at the following link. 

The Suffragettes have always been a source of inspiration especially in movies and music.

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