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07 Mar


Publié par Sandrine CHARAVY  - Catégories :  #SORTIR ET DECOUVRIR


Following the viewing of the movie and the explanations given in class, you can learn more here about:


1. The screwball comedy: it was a genre of American comedy which became quite popular in the 1930's. Times were difficult because of the Great Depression and people needed to laugh and escape their everyday life. There are different characteristics in screwball comedies. First of all, women take the power over men and dominate the relationship with them. In the movie we saw, Susan Vance clearly directs Dr David Huxley and makes him anything she wants. Right from the beginning, we know what she is planning for the future:"He's the man I'm going to marry he doesn't know it, but I am". 


Screwball comedies are also characterized by comic situations, fast-speed repartee and plots concerning love, courtship or marriage. "Bring It Up Baby" starts with a dialogue between David Huxley and his wife-to-be but their marriage is endangered with the arrival of Susan Vance. 


Screwball comedies often contain ridiculous situations and children are replaced by animals. In "Bring It Up Baby", the two main characters take care of a leopard named Baby. The poster of the movie emphasized this idea as Baby is compared to a baby, sitting in a high- chair and wearing a bib. The characters are still children who refuse to grow-up: when David is asked to give the names of his partners, he answers Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. 


The video below gives you more details about screwball comedies..

The first screwball comedy is known to be "It Happened One Night", starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.


Screwball comedies tried to avoid censorship with double-meaning dialogues. Indeed, at that time, censorship was prevailing. The Motion Picture Production Code, also know as the Hays Code prohibited sexual topics, depictions of homosexuality during 40 years. 



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